Sciura Tour in Milan

Our unique ‘Milan Sciura Tour’ is led by someone who has lived in the city for over 60 years and knows every corner – that is the “sciur” or “sciura” – an elegant gentleman or gentlewoman born and bred in Milan. You will be guided through the city and shown how things used to be done around here. Italian is not an option as the sciura speaks the Milanese dialect, with respect for the tradition to give you a glimpse of the way things used to be in the city. From the 200 year old atelier to the secret laboratories founded by historical Milanese families that carry on the tradition for generations. Discover ateliers where lady’s hats and pipes have been made since 1876, just around the corner from the Duomo. Up next, onto explore infusions, magical silver polish liquids and rhubarb candy from a historical grocer. You’ll be treated to handmade marron glacé (candied chestnuts) made the way they have been for over 100 years. The tour concludes in an 1950’s dance hall for a bicer di vin and a whiz around the dance floor.


 For information, reservations or special requests on routes dedicated to the city of Milan by Viaggi di Architettura.

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