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Viaggi di Architettura

Viaggi di Architettura is preferred by some of the most important companies in the architecture and design industry to organize specialized tours, visits and events and supply high end industry related services:

- Field trips to discover new trends
- Customer Experiences for buyers and clients
- Factory tours
- Guided walks with experts in over 50 cities
- Team building events
- Scouting and assistance for films and documentaries regarding Architecture and Design
- Assistance to journalists


Guided Architecture and Design walks in 50 cities


Travel with us to discover trends in Architecture



The Team

Viaggi di Architettura team

Mikaela Bandini

creative director
Communication. Travel. Italy. That sums it all up. I’ve been obsessed with marketing, brands, globe-trotting and in love with Italy (and Italians) ever since I can remember so 20 odd years ago I moved from Cape Town to a sleepy town in southern Italy called Matera. 
From here I run a handful of travel oriented small business ventures including Urban Italy and Can’t Forget Italy as well as our exciting agency Viaggi di Architettura together with our all-girl team at the office.

Valentina Dalla Costa

Product and sales

Put together design, architecture, the travel industry, journalism, writing, education, a bit of (glutenfree) cooking, a lot of colours, creativity, an insane endless research of beauty and new amazing projects to develop, and you find me. I work in the tourism industry, creating and developing itineraries and experiences for archi- and design-lovers. When I am not taking clients to discover Milan, teaching or writing for the Condè Nast group you will find me in the kitchen organising social dinners at my place, transforming my apartment in a home restaurant for guests. I love all I do.

Veronica Volta


I studied to be an architect. I should be an architect really. But there are are so many aspects around the profession that fascinate me without actually building… from architecture literature, films, graphics and obviously architecture travel. Love, work, life frequently take me around Europe and the world in search of novelties, trends and exciting people in the field.

Cecilia Pedroni

Digital Media Strategist

The project is so captivating that you cannot help but be totally enthralled, so I decided to put become part of the team, putting my experience as a Social & Digital Media strategist together with that of other guys from all over the world.

Alessia Violante


I’m curious, always searching something new and interesting. The love for the beauty, summery of elegance and peculiarity marks my work. My dedication for details, the passion for Milan and its fashion side bring me to experience daily new borders. I organize events, weddings, but I’m a personal shopper too, all my works diverge one from the other, I always try to offer a service  completely tailor made. I believe that contaminations from arts, fashion, design and architecture could create the right approach for all the “experiences” that we offer. I really love my job, it represents my passion.

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