Viaggi di Architettura proposes Shanghai to all architecture lovers that want to visit this metropole ‘Paris of the Orient’ as referred in the early 20th century. A trip to admire the innovative architecture in Pudong along with the traditional in Puxi, separated by the magnificent Huangpu River.

Shanghai is known to have more Art Deco buildings than any other city. Highlights:

  • Oriental Sports Center by gmp architekten
  • SPSI Art Museum by Wang Yan
  • Museum of Glass by Logon Architecture
  • Quingpu Pedestrian Bridge by CA-DESIGN
  • Houtan Park by Turenscape
  • Jin Mao Tower by SOM (Adrian Smith)


Shanghai is always at the top of the list for its creative and innovative designs, not only an architects playground for massive buildings but also in retail and restaurants such as the most innovative restaurant Ultraviolet of chef Paul Pairet or People’s Architect Office (PAO).

Apart from learning more about the architecture in Shanghai, Viaggi di Architettura will accompany you to experience local bars and restaurants as well as the famous shopping spree.


 For information, reservations or special requests on routes dedicated to the city of Shanghai by Viaggi di Architettura.

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