Home Dinners

Experience an authentic, gastronomic Roman journey with Viaggi di Architettura’s Home Dinners itinerary.

Dine with the locals, enjoy a nice dinner with a young couple based in Rome, with whom you can discuss the typical Roman life- and lifestyle. Enjoy a typical dish of ‘amatriciana’ alongside other Roman delicacies. It makes for a great opportunity to get away from the busy, touristic scene and experience the authentic, local cuisine. The young couple will welcome you into their residence, serving you with authentic Roman dishes, prepared especially for you.

The aforementioned ‘amatriciana’ is a typical Roman pasta sauce, prepared with a so-called guanciale base (cured pork cheek), with pecorino cheese, tomato and occasionally onion. The sauce actually finds its origin in Amatrice, but it is nowadays known as a great part of the Roman cuisine. Other classical Roman pasta dishes include cacio e pepe, carbonara and gricia (which is quite similar to carbonara, but it is missing the eggs.) The Roman cuisine has been evolving throughout the years, through social-, cultural- as well as political changes. The Ancient Greek culture was of great influence regarding the cuisine. Rome became the centre of high-cuisine during the Renaissance period and some of Rome’s greatest chefs even got the opportunity to work for the pope(s).

Our Home Dinners itinerary is completely tailor-made up to your requests and preferences.

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