Mostly Rationalist Rome

With Viaggi di Architettura’s Mostly Rationalist Rome tour, you will visit some of the highlights of architectural achievement in Rome during the 1900’s. This tour is perfect for both architects and architecture lovers.

No better place to start than the Europa district, still better known by the acronym EUR for Esposizione Universale di Roma, with the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana as the emblematic centerpiece of the EUR, at least another 3 or 4 squarely solid and imposing constructions (the Palazzo degli Uffici and the Basilica, for example, as well as the lake and the obelisk) are worth a look. Closer to the centre of town you will find another very interesting building – the 1935 Post Office building by Libera and De Renzi, the Palazzo delle Poste (1935) in via Marmorata. Furthermore, you will check out Basil Spence’s rather wonderful British Embassy building (1968-71) in Via XX Settembre. And then stop by the Quartiere Coppedè on the way north, followed by the Flaminio neighbourhood and Pier Luigi Nervi’s Palazzetto dello Sport. Then across the Flaminio bridge is the area known as the Foro Italico, while you’re there, the Palazzo della Farnesina is worth a look.

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