Street Art in Milan

Viaggi di Architettura’s Milan Street Art experience lets you discover underground Milan. Explore the hidden b-side of Italy’s financial capital through its graffiti and murals in a tour guided by a guerrilla artist. You’ll find an alternative side to the metropolis and be inspired by a vibrant, unbridled urban art scene revealing the contemporary history in the city.The tour can be done on foot, by bike or using public transport.


  • Street Art Evolution, discover stencil art, wheatpasting, sculptures, sticker art and street installations
  • Via Conchetta, a mural that stretches over 300 metres reflecting environmental and mobility issues in the city
  • Leoncavallo, the highest number of street art creations, an art mecca for a wide range of creative souls
  • Basilica di San Lorenzo, one of the oldest churches in the city with a mural of portraits
  • Isola, the bustling neighbourhood in the north of Milan surrounded by industrial buildings and railway tracks that has recently undergone an urban requalification
For information, reservations or special requests on routes dedicated to the city of Milan by Viaggi di Architettura.

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