Gentleman Tour in Milan

Milan Gentleman Tour is a personalised experience, intended for the real gents. A straight razor shave at a historical Milanese barber is a great place to start with our tour that takes special care of our gentlemen clients. Not just at any barber, but the same one that composers Puccini and Toscanini frequented when in Milan. After grooming we move onto accessories, maybe a pair of monogrammed cuff links, shirts made to measure and other unique accessories and pieces for your wardrobe. Next on our list is a visit to a perfumery where you can have a unique scent personalised to the PH of your skin. Our hard day’s work ends with drinks in a secret speakeasy in town and cigars for those who enjoy them.


  • Barber shop, travel back in time for a straight razor shave or beard care treatment at one of the city’s oldest barber shop
  • Pupi Solari, timeless clothing items by the dictator of Italian menswear for over forty years
  • Unique fragrance, personalised scent designed around you
  • Speakeasy, sip fine spirits and indulge aromas, flavours and vintage charm where the timeless beauty of jazz defines the space and sooth the soul
 For information, reservations or special requests on routes dedicated to the city of Milan by Viaggi di Architettura.

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