Viaggi di Architettura’s Palladian Villas Tour lets you experience some of the most beautiful sights when it comes down to the villas. Our private boat tour to the Palladian Villas shows the countryside houses by Andrea Palladio, that were initially intended for the noble Venetian folks. His villas combine the courteous and convenient, a style that became the prime example for Britain as well as American houses, in the coming three centuries. In the Renaissance life, Palladian villas were not only envisioned to visualise the ideals of humanity, civilisation and reason; they also provided more practical settings. Throughout Veneto, over 2000 Palladian Villas have been built.

The tour

A specialised guide will show you around some of these marvellous villas. The tour includes a visit to three villas and several other villas can be viewed and photographed from the water. The tour commences in Venice, where you will be picked up with the private tour. From that point onward you will visit the villas. You will not only see the Villas’ exterior- you will also be able to admire their beautiful interior designs. Besides experiencing the breathtaking villas, you will learn about the origin, the architecture as well as the architect himself.

The tour will include:

  • a private boat tour
  • a specialised guide
  • lunch
  • villas’ entrance fees

The tour is completely tailor-made to your preferences.

 For information, reservations or special requests on routes dedicated to the city of Venice by Viaggi di Architettura.

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